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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


blue circles/ wrestle quietly/ bobbing hands/ inhaling mist/ pot climb/ fat dog/ orange balm/ mark contaminants/ modernist brown/ mis-juggled bus

cuts straight/ drop drunk/ boat fails/ safe swiping/ folding armour/ rio bass/ salmon hilltop/ lemons drenched/ gallant bathrooms/ forbidden ancient

flailing bear/ murderous juicy/ pixellated pratfalls/ stalk sisters/ burning cries/ she simply/ trickle pig/ zampona grinder/ holes stardust/ grounded chuckle

trees walk/ glitter football/ scythe-eyed mortal/ skitter shard/ dodged moonwolf/ two forks/ inertia beast/ chain-smoked asthma/ pillows throw/ jazz legs

turban sketch/ worried peanuts/ open skin/ high-five reflecting/ pedalling pitch-pole/ bitten-down cleaning/ drowning warm/ vermilion swallowed/just miso/ adrenalin grit

idiot parasol/ tranny patch/sour-faced peppercorn/ girt damosel/ stale twists/ singing trouser/ gyre praying/ hedged estuary/ clicks marred/ sommer declines

seatbelts synth/ rock beach/ sweated elephant/ crab under/ feed fringes/ honey tattoo/ beckoned brightly/ idyll app/ queen chalet/ rising thunderous

stream dream/ slick lurch/ laugh mama/ catchfly cushions/ totally laters/ shrine cat/ bagpipes icumen/ platform us/ taller streets/ wrung rolled

cheese balls/ book rival/ impossible tea/ memorably leopardskin/ by serpentine/ bone broke/ chandelier cockles/ stretching turquoise/ fancy falconry/ dawn scoop

hares short/ expiry exempt/ disco thud/ laden journey/ swerve minutes/ struts signify/ peppered headache/ feather claws/ sent sideways

Day 100 Everything (Collage 8)

Every poem shrunk and rolled into one monster :) Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm; I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did.