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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Producer (drawing of a spade): San Sebastian

Varietal (drawing of a leaf): Bourbon & Caturra

Processing (drawing of a sun): Natural

Altitude (drawing of a mountain): 1700 masl

Suitable for: (drawings of 6 pieces of apparatus)

Flavour (drawing of one big+two small intersecting circles): melon, orange, milk chocolate

Story: 15 lines of eloquent italics about the 4th generation heritage farm

on the slopes of an active volcano, shaded by macadamia trees.

Website+QR code.


I squeeze the package and my mouth waters

like Pavlov's dog to the bell

– a hint of melon? a chocolate whiff? –

my nose pretends to be able to tell

but my close focus is distracted

by the piece of cheese I'm eating

and a sudden waft indoors of wet clay

my mind's eye is patterned with woven fajas

swaddled babies, marimba and zampona groups

in summer markets around the world

and I don't know where I put the grinder.

Day 28 Guatemala

I can be seduced by packaging.