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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Rain marching up the valley

rapid striding pillars

and this a mild precursor

to a bigger downpour on its way

the news barely dampens me at first

that she's gone, my old friend

suddenly blown off her feet

we knew she'd be in for a rough ride

worse weather on the way

a couple of years ago

exchanged some hearts

and likes and on 22 May

Day 1 of this project

I messaged her: Dear Go,

will you be home 5/6 August?

I really want to see you. Love Vxxx

She wrote back right away: I'll

make sure I am, it's in

the planner now so I'll be here Xx

 – in Dutch, her language

through and through. I looked forward

to her chuckle, her menagerie,

the drenched tropical swirls

and sexy curves of her paintings.

Too late I realise I'm soaked

without thinking I've stood still

all these 30 days

while someone precious washed away

but at least I'll be there that weekend

and so will she: grounded, as ever.

Day 30 Grounded

For Margot, who wouldn't have liked this :D