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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Piet pipes up from the back seat:

They seem to have

a fascination

for my shed.

Sometimes when I

surprise them by

coming in and closing

the door behind me

they hop up

to the highest shelf

and wait calmly

hunkered down like

big-eyed cats

fluffy tails hanging down.

I use a garden fork.


He continues: sometimes

for a big one

I need to give it two forks

one to pin it down

one to – you know

they're really tough and

fight like hell

I wish I didn't have to

yeah, it's pretty rough.

The car's silent as we

all keep our eyes peeled

for one feasting on

its flattened friend

and swerve towards

those light-reflecting eyes.

Day 36 Two forks

No native mammals; it's hard to grasp.