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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.



you might've been

a grumpy git

a moaning minnie

a thoughtless teen

a littering lout

a righteous recusant

a fat fraudster

a cheating cockney

a yardie youth

a sad supremacist

an old ignoramus

a selfish sod

a bit of a bastard

whatever you were

is forgotten

what's done is done

now seize the day

carpe diem! they say


and I say

cave canem

the dogs of warp

and weft

and stitched-up reality

nipping at your heels

if you can slough off

that great beast


if you can halt

the steaming


of all our yesterdays

then I bow to

your empty skull

and doff my hat

though I rarely

wear one.

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