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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Our most classic 4th was spent lying

in downtown Washington on the dry brown

Mall grass with a picnic of gourmet

carryout deli snacks laid in a half-moon

at the foot of the Monument.

Up ahead sat Lincoln on his giant chair

lit pure white within the Memorial's

stalwart pillars and we chatted

with all sorts of people from all over

the world till scientist friends from NIH

and all their hangers-on

found us, and we broke open

the brown-bagged champagne

cheered and hurrahed

copied nearby locals

who demonstrated the correct

way to whoop and high-five

even yee-hah and we took note

of our future baseball caps

and trackpants, trainers

and fanny-packs and laughed

in delight at how ridiculous

it all was, and how the Reflecting

Pool showed us the prancing

fireworks double, and we felt

intoxicated by the soft warm air and

tipsy and lay back and watched

not thinking about anything

not imagining we'd ever

need to consider the deli containers

clogging the sea, or that ignorance

would not be beaten down

by reason or goodwill or our discoveries

or that we'd ever have children for whom

we'd wish such carefree pleasures as these.

Day 44 The 4th

The final firework burst was a huge US flag; no doubt it still is.