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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Coming Thursday

they're having a ticker-tape parade

to celebrate Team New Zealand winning

the America's Cup, Burling &Co

chugging down Queen Street

in a fleet of Hilux trucks

from Aotea Square and along

Quay Street to the waterfront

where crowds will cheer

the sail-past of what's

essentially a catamaran

with a 24m aircraft wing for

a sail on top of two

big canoes on top of

several surfboards that

hydrofoil across the water

with the odd pitch-pole capsize

interrupting the pedalling crew

adjusting hydraulics that keep

daggerboards angled for flight.

Not that there'll be any capsizing

on the gentle harbour waters

but you could never cross an ocean

with this high-strung nautical racehorse.


I've been looking for the name

of the winning boat but failed

– is it just Team New Zealand?

On the sail: Fly Emirates, Omega

and YSL. Other logos include

Steinlager (visible from above,

drone footage), Toyota, Nespresso,

Pirelli. The boats used to be called

Black Magic I, II, III, IV but those times

are gone, it's pure branding now and

I wonder what the homeless people

along the dirty Queen Street pavements

will make of the triumphant tanned

young men brandishing their trophy.

Day 45 Priorities

I'm sounding bitter, but I have a cold.