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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


'This meal was amazing I had 4 of the biggest

tiger prawns for dessert after 4 mains.

Meals in the evening usually cost about 50

to 80 baht but they put sugar on everything

I'll send you a photo of this massive reclining Buddha

I mean places like that don't really do much for me

but it was pleasant, unfortunately even though

the temperature was only about 28 the humidity

was so high it made it feel at least 38 or 40.

Charles and me took a boat to further upstream

to the wrong pier and paid 100 baht each

whereas we could have got to the right pier

for 50 baht and I bought these elephant pants

king size, the comfiest trousers you'll ever wear

for 150 baht and then further along I walked

along this pier and was just surrounded

by elephant pants for 100 baht so I felt like

an idiot for not realising but that wasn't

as bad as when we paid 100 baht for a bike ride

I mean the back of a motorbike to go less than 1km

even though it looked pretty far on the map

I was feeling a bit dodge this morning so I made

a salami sandwich for breakfast from stuff

I bought at the supermarket which settled

my stomach today I sweated through my clothes

more than I even did in Egypt the most

I've ever sweated in my life it's difficult here

coz you can't drink tap water and it's a lot

more important compared to Italy or somewhere

and because it's not a tourist area it's hard to

learn the language because they all want

to practise their English' and his parents

bent forward over the laptop screen

their heads close together, smiling and saying

encouraging things like 'You'll have to brush up

on your Thai then', 'Keep up your fluids' and

'You'll get used to the humidity' until the young

man's eyes drooped and they excused him

almost packing him off to bed, taking deep

breaths to keep their bursting hearts

inside their chests and leaping up when

the Facetime connection closed to make cups

of tea loudly clearing their throats and blinking.

Day 63 Overseas

They'll miss you, no matter what.