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VRL Thonger

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I'll write a poem every day, might be tiny but it'll be complete.


Hey man. Yay it's me. Christian.

Yeah we're on the train

getting off at Niouc.

We're arriving at 17.40.

Have you guys brought

ridiculously too much stuff too?

We're totally loaded

litres of water and everything.

Flat peaches. Exactly.

In case it's cold up there.

D'you think it might get cold?

I mean it's so hot on the train

we're dying here the airco's

not working. Yeah I guess we

could open the water.

What a pain thought right?

So when are you guys?

Coz if you could wait ten minutes

and give us a lift? Kind of

a dumb question: are you

bringing your parrot? Aww that's

too bad. Only I had to ask

for Stella. I guess you're right.

I said you're probably right.

In case it's cold up there

and everything. Laters—

Hugs— Stella says—

Buh-bye now.

Day 75 They wore Birkenstocks

The water was San Pellegrino.